zondag 25 september 2011



Did you miss me ? Hihi, we'll I missed blogging this week. Damn , I've been away so long. That doesn't mather anymore, cause here I am now! What ya'll been up to ? I had a very busy week , it was friday and I was like , hmmm damn what should I have to study for school tomorrow ? This week went so fast. Anyway how was your short weekend ? I went to a birthday party yesterday of my niece , we had so much fun and of course I spotted some things. Holla at my nieces @ Heusden-Zolder!

When I did have the time I found some new things. I want to do like 6 blogs but i'll mix them up in 1 blog that's why I'm calling it the 'Sou-blog'.

Here you go lady's 

Some Zara items

Daisy by Marc Jacobs (my nieces)

Must have blazer

And of course my music (damn she does it again)

Jennifer Lopeze- Papi 

Big kisses , ya girl ~ Soumaya

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