zondag 15 april 2012

Floral + Antwerp

Hello Guys! Quick post of what I did this week. I'm sorry for the late post but for the past 2 weeks I couldn't upload anything on my blog. There was a problem with my internet so that's why I post now in bulk. I hope you like it cuz the photoshoot that I promised is not going to happen, cuz school starts and I REALLY didn't had time for that. We are going to move soon so that's on my mind and then I met with my former classmates ( we didn't meet each other for like 6 years! =O) so that was also in my plan and then I went to Antwerp with my friend that I didn't keep in touch for past the 3 years so I shopped with her which was amazing!! I will show you the pictures (see under) and I will show you the clothes and shoes I bought ( the floral pants ) at another post so don't forget to check out my new posts! Oh , I also dyed my hair as you can see! I love it ! I really like this color and it is a great color for the spring and summer. Oh and I also have A LOT BUT A LOT of great clothes that I collected for the photoshoot which unfortunately doesn't going to happen. But I will show it next time in another posts , cuz it's for the spring and summer. Hope you like this post! 



Until then,

Sedaa xoxo

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