donderdag 15 september 2011

Celeb'ss: Rihanna

Hallooooo world!

What ya'll doing ? It's Soumaya how was your day FP( fab peeps)? Seda and I were so tired today , damn what school does to you!! We were so lazy that we didn't put make-up on by coincidence together at the same day. After we told some people about our blog we felt so much better. Everyone was so happy for us and we spotted some nice items at school. So girls be prepared cause when we see you wearing fashionable things , we are going to take some shots and BAM! you'll find your self on FASHIONTUCK (who doesn't want that?). Pore Seda is still studying but the pictures are coming soon.

I found some new pictures of Rihanna the Barbadian R&B artist. She did a photoshoot for Armani. I didn't recognize her , but then I saw her lips and I knew it, it was princess RiRi ! ( She has beautiful shaped lips , doesn't she ?) 
She also has a new haircut and hair color. I think she looks better with long hair. But still she pays 16 596.91165 euros (23000 dollars) every week for her personal hairstylist , do you think it's worth it ? So what, she rocks every haircut! One more thing, I LOVE HER ACCENT! 

(lovin her tattoo's)

Through fashion we'll meet again ~ Soumaya 

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