vrijdag 30 september 2011

Dance: Seda


It's me again , ya girl Soumaya. It's weekend!!!!!! I was actually going to hang out with some friends but that didn't work out very well so I'm just looking at some video's on Youtube and then I thought why shouldn't we post  Seda's dance video ? Ohhhhnooow , Seda ? Yesssurr !

We went to Paris last year with school and we were standing in front of The Eiffel Tower when we saw some pretty amazing dancers doing a show. There show was hilarious ! You should have been there and some guys from the audience danced to so Sebnem (a friend) and I asked Seda if she wanted to dance but she didn't so we kept pushing her and started to tell the guys that she can dance but she just doesn't want to. So Seda, Sebnem and I started to dance with a guy from the group and we saw that she was getting into her dance and left her doing a solo. WE WENT CRAZY! The music stopped and she asked them if they had Carry Out ~ Justin Timberlake ft Timberland and that's how she started ! Enjoy the video and tell us whatsha'll think ? 
Can she dance or can she dance ? But don't pay attention to Sebnem and I , we were screaming so hard and talking Dutch...

This is our little Chinese Seda ( She is Turkish but looks like a Chinese with her eyes and alla that) 

Love you baby ! 

xxx Soumaya 

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